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Kingswood Herd App There are two modes available for the busy farmer on the move - Kingswood Mobile (see previous option) or Herd App which links to our PC program, Kingswood Herd.

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Kingswood Herd App

The most convenient way to update your management records on the go,
the Herd App allows you to:

  • Record events as they happen (Breeding Events, Animal Remedies, Cattle Movements)

  • Look up Herd records (Due Dates, Milk History, Pedigrees, Weight Gains)

  • Synchronise information from mobile device to your PC – no duplication of effort!

Kingswood Herd App allows you to combine the flexability and convenience of phone/tablet recording with the in depth analysis only available on PC programs such as Kingswood Herd.

Click on the screenshots button to see how easy it is to use the Kingswood Herd App.

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