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Your Farm Hub

Your Kingswood Farm IT System is the control centre from which you can manage your herd, fields, grass and financial recording.

Kingswood Herd, Fields and Accounts don’t just work together to give you comprehensive analysis and reports - they link with outside agencies and on-farm equipment to ease the burden of data entry and allow you to manage an increasing array of electronic devices on your farm.

Kingswood Mobile then gives you instant access to your information down the field or around the farm yard.

For a graphical description of how the Kingswood Farm IT Hub works, click here.

Here is what some of these vital links do for you

AIM Link

Allows instant calf registrations and updating of herd movements.


Sends Animal Events & receives milk records, EBIs & service details.

Profit Monitor Link

Generates Cost Control Planner figures for end of year Profit Monitor analysis.

Vet Link

Updates your veterinary purchases & treatments from files emailed to you by your vet.

Vets with Kingswood VMS, Vetscope or Telios management software can supply VetLink files to Kingswood customers.

For an overview of how Vet Link works with your phone-based Kingswood Mobile to give you your full Bord Bia coverage - click here

Veterinary Practices with VetLink Capability

Mart Link

Update sales & purchase details (prices & weights) in seconds.

All marts in the Republic of Ireland can supply sales/purchase files to Kingswood customers.

Factory Link

Updates sales details (prices, weights & grades) in seconds.

The following UK/Irish meat factories can supply sales remittance files to Kingswood customers.

Dawn Meats
Ballon Meats
Liffey Meats
Slaney Foods
Ashbourne Meats

Cow Scan Link

Get your scanning results emailed to you for input to Kingswood Herd.

Bank Link

Connects via Kingswood Accounts to your online banking services.

Bank of Ireland
AIB Bank
Ulster Bank

Accounts Link

Streamlines transfer of accounts data to your accountant.

Accountancy Practices with AccountsLink Capability

Group Link

Sends & receives grass measurements & feed wedge to/from members of discussion groups.

Parlour Link

Removes need for duplicate data entry. Feed rations calculated, if required.

The following milking parlours and parlour equipment can be linked to Kingswood Herd.

Weighing Link

Allows quick analysis of weight gain taken from your weighing equipment.

Plate Meter Link

Import grass measurements directly into Kingswood Fields for instant analysis of your feed wedge.

Help your farm management with reliable and easy to use Kingswood Solutions today.